Our MoneySmart Program Summary:

  • Federal Grant program offered exclusively through BCLI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,

  • Start-up or growth funding for any small business, start-up to growing an existing business,

  • Personal Credit not considered, funds are non-recourse,

  • At least $100,000 in funding, any industry anywhere in US,

  • Only qualification is that you complete a certification course,

  • This course teaches you how to set up and establish business credit,

    • No prerequisites

    • 13-19 modules, Includes setting up entity, creating a business plan, etc.,

    • 30-60 days to complete entire process,

    • Online, complete at your leisure, and

    • BCLI also provides mentoring to answer questions, included.

    • $250 refundable deposit, complete the class and get it back,

 Will provide seed money in some cases to pay for start-up costs,

    • Creating entity,

    • Create tradelines of credit,

    • $1000 to $2500

Bottom line:  This is the fastest and easiest way to get the capital for starting or expanding a business without regards to personal credit, age, or background.  Complete the class, get $100,000+ guaranteed