We are always looking to partner with strategic partners.  There is no cost to become an affiliate or a Small Business Adviser so that you can offer this valuable plan to your network of business associates.

The main reason for becoming an affiliate is that this service is a great door-opener.  If your target market is small businesses, then this will introduce you to more businesses than you can handle.  Offering a business a minimum of $100,000 in funding will create great relationships and then allow you to cross-sell your main products.  You already have trust, and if they need your product, then it is a no-brainier.

Contact us via the contact page and we can show you how this works for your business.

Industries that this is particularly effective:

  • No. 1 is Life Insurance sales as part of the process is to get life insurance to protect the business from the owner's death.
  • Health Insurance sales,
  • Business coaching,
  • Marketing and Sales training
  • Accounting firms, and
  • Many others.